1. How do I register with the Social Security Scheme?

The Employer will fill in a special registration form and return to the filled form to the Scheme for membership certificate and the registration number.

2. Which pension Fund should I register my employees?

As an employer, you are required to register employees with any Scheme that the employees prefers.

3. When do I register with the Social Security Scheme?

Social Security registration needs to be done one month after the incorporation of the business.

4. I want to register my employees with Social Security Scheme, Which Scheme would that be?
It is important to invite all Schemes to meet with employees for purpose of providing education on Schemes benefits plans. Employees may then each choose a Scheme they want.

5. When do I register my employees with social Security Schemes?

Employees are required to be registered in a maximum of 30 days from the date of employment.

6. What are the Social Security requirements when I employ a new staff?

i.) New employee is required to choose one Mandatory Social Security Scheme and fill the registration form.

i.) If he/she was previously employed then an employee is required to inform the employer of his/her membership with that Scheme. Provided by this employee will enable the employer to maintain make contributions to that Scheme.

7. Are employees on specific time or fixed term contract required to join Social Security Scheme?

Yes. They will all be obligated to contribute to a mandatory scheme so long as employed. In case the contract is renewed or there are changes of employment, they will required to make a continuation of contributions to the scheme.

8. Are Foreigner employees required to join Social Security?
I.) Foreigner (people temporarily living in the country) upon engagement on employment in Tanzania are required to be registered with a Mandatory or Supplementary schemes.

ii.) Employees from or going to work in Zanzibar are advised to continue with their previous social security membership.

7. How are disputes between beneficiaries, members, Schemes handled?
Section 44 of SSRA Act No 8 of 2008 clearly clarifies that social security disputes will be referred to the Authority for decision, review and ruling.

8. Are employers allowed to participate in Schemes annual Members Conference?
(i) Yes. The Social Security Schemes, (Conduct of the Affairs of Annual Members Conference) Guidelines 2014 allows contributing employers to fully participate in Schemes annual general meetings.
(ii) Employers also required to allow employees to attend Schemes members Conference

9. What are the Social Security obligations of Employer?
i.) The Employer is required to facilitate Social Security registration of employees
ii.) Keep employee’s Membership records
iii.) Timely remission of Contributions throughout employee’s working life
iv.) Allow Schemes and the Authority to provide awareness of Social Security to employees

10. What happens when the employee leaves the organization?
i.) The Employer is required to notify the Social Security Scheme of the date the employee ceases to be in the employment.

ii.) In case of transfer or change of employment the employee is required to maintain employee membership and inform the employer accordingly.

11. Are there any penalties charged to employers who do not remit on time members contributions?
Yes there are as in all Social Security act there is a section which states a charge of 5% to any delays in payments per month. As S.62 (i) of LAPF Act, S.9 of PPF Act, S.45 of NHIF, S.22 (8) of GEPF Act, S.14 (3) of NSSF Act

12. Are there any ways that employees can confirm employer’s contributions remittance?
Yes Employees can check and confirm through their mobile phones as each scheme do have a telephone number which enables members to access their information.
They can also check through schemes website or directly visit schemes and ask for their statement